Skrill, a payment gateway company based in the UK, has launched a new customer rewards program. Called “Knect,” the rewards program awards points to customers when they use their e-wallet or prepaid MasterCard. Recipients can then trade the points for gift cards and various e-commerce rewards.

“I’m extremely excited to be able to recognize and reward our customers and do that through the launch of Skrill Knect,” Skrill CEO Lorenzo Pellegrino said. “From today, all Skrill customers will be able to enjoy exciting, relevant rewards just by using their digital wallet or prepaid Mastercard.” He continued:

“Skrill Knect doesn’t just benefit our customers, but our partners too. We’re keen to work with existing and new merchants and brands to deliver the right reward to the right customer at the right time.”

SBC News reports that Knect is now live in thirty countries in Europe and will soon become Skrill’s foremost loyalty rewards program.

Additionally, Skrill recently introduced “crypto-to-crypto”—a feature that enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies.

“Buying and selling crypto with Skrill just got even better,” the company wrote on Twitter. “Introducing crypto-to-crypto—a new feature that lets you use your bitcoin balance to buy and sell the other 8 cryptocurrencies we offer.”

According to, in order to use the new feature you must open a Skrill account and provide information including your name, country of residence, local fiat currency, and a valid email address.

“As a regulated entity,” the website states, “Skrill has some security and identity verification procedures in place but its website states that buying cryptocurrency does not involve any additional verification.”

Skrill breaks down its fiat-to-crypto conversion process—which it says takes a matter of seconds—on its website.